Thing #4: Current awareness- Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

Twitter:  It’s official- I’ve entered the world of tweets and hashtags.  I’ve been hesitant about joining Twitter, fearing that it will turn into another excuse to waste time on the web.  I can see the merit of Twitter, though.  In my digital libraries class, I researched how people get news in the digital age.  The preferred way is with short, concise blurbs.  That way, busy people can quickly scan and choose to spend time reading only the things of interest to them.  According to the About Us page on the Twitter, this is exactly how it is intended to be used.  To begin, I am following LCLibraries (my employer), CPD23, NPRNews (my main news source), and AskAManager (my favorite blog).  I plan to keep up with Twitter for a couple of weeks and evaluate its value to me at that time.

RSS Feeds: I subscribed to Google Reader last year as a way to keep current with the happenings at the Nebraska Library Association.  I set up iGoogle as my homepage and put Google Reader right on top where I wouldn’t miss it.  It has served as a reminder to check the site, but I still prefer getting an email.  I also subscribe to 23 Things, Ask a Manager, and Bagel Soup (hilarious comics). 

Pushnote: I downloaded Pushnote last night.  In my mind, it fits under the same category as FourSquare- good for people who like to constantly be connected to others.  Personally, I take more of a passive role in social media; I don’t update my Facebook status regularly or Tweet constantly.  While I would be interested in seeing my friends’ opinions on certain websites, I don’t think Pushnote is something I would use regularly. 

It’s exciting to see different ways people can connect with each other online.  The Internet has made it easy to keep in contact with old friends, to discover other perspectives, and to converse and debate with people all over the world.  I was born in the early 80’s, so I remember a time without the Internet.  For the most part, I think this interconnectedness is a great way to expand our horizons, increase our awareness, and experience what the world has to offer.


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