Read with your Family Photos

Bethany Pickles readingWe invited library patrons to submit photos of their families reading together. Here is a picture of me with my family, Pickles.


School Visits 2013

As the end of the school year approaches, youth services staff is busy visiting schools to talk about the Summer Reading Program. This week I am visiting three different elementary schools and talking to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. I explain how to sign up for the program, how it works, the programs, and, of course, the prizes. We also talk about how to sign up for a library card and what to do if you lose your card. After questions, I tell a short story. To the younger grades this year, I told “The Rolling Pancake,” a spinoff of “The Gingerbread Man,” in which a renegade pancake escapes seven hungry children and six hungry birds, but finally falls victim a devious fox. To the older grades, I told a scary story called “Who Will Keep Me Company?” in which a lonely old woman who longs for a visitor finally gets one. (I love making the kids jump!)


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