Swap Program Series

I planned a series of swap programs for the library to promote sustainability and bring people into the building after the pandemic closure. For each swap, we had two days where people could drop off donations of items for the swap. The following day, we opened up the room with the organized donations and gave away as many items as we could to anyone who could use them. Leftovers were donated to local charities.

During 2022, I planned four swaps: two clothing swaps, one toy, board game, and puzzle swap, and one art supply swap. These events brought hundreds of people into the library. Some feedback from attendees included:

“I was living in my car, and I had to get rid of two storage units full of crafts and this is helping me replenish my stock. I’m so grateful for this.”

“I didn’t used to have friends with kids, but I made friends by coming to the library every day. I love the library activities. This is so wonderful. Thank you.”

“I hope you do this again!”