Thing #5: Reflective Practice

Ah, reflection.  As an education major, we did a LOT of reflecting; every lesson plan had to have a reflection at the end.  At first I thought it was pain and would rush through it without much thought.  But, as with many things we are forced to do in school, I eventually began to see the value in the practice and began to do it in other parts of my life.

I’ll begin with the personal branding exercise.  It was good to take stock of what I’ve already done and to get suggestions for other things to try.  It pushed me to finish things that I’d started including buying my own domain name and creating my personal logo.

Second, I was surprised to find that Twitter was more valuable than I’d originally thought.  It’s nice that everything is so succinct; I can judge in seconds what I want to pursue further and what I can skip.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed my 23 Things experience for both the motivation to pursue new skills and the camaraderie with other participants.


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