Zoom Library Programs

Due to the pandemic, all library programming has moved online. In addition to storytime, I have done programs for children and families including:

Family Game Show-Book trivia game for the whole family

Draw a Story-Kids drew illustrations to go with a story. I edited the illustrations together into a video posted on the library’s YouTube channel

UNO Body, UNO Brain-The kids and I did different exercises according to which color UNO card I drew.

Simon Says Drawing-Kids drew pictures to go with different prompts I gave and whether or not I said, “Simon Says.”

3D Pop-Up Cards-For the library’s How To Festival. Showed participants of all ages how to create 3D pop up cards using basic art supplies.

Who Was Party-Activities and a craft for fans of the Who Was book series.

Passive programs included two digital escape rooms to go with the Summer Reading Program theme and a Back to School Scavenger Hunt to familiarize students with the library’s digital resources.

I also created a video for a virtual welcoming kit for new residents.

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