Farm Fun

Farm Fun was for ages birth to 6 with family. There were stations set up throughout the room with sensory activities and crafts. 82 people attended this program.







Sensory Play-Silo and barn made from recycled containers, plastic animals, rice and beans

Sheep herding-Balloons decorated to look like sheep and plastic rulers to herd them into the pen

Crafts-Hand print chicken and hatching chick

Egg Gathering-Plastic shaker eggs in paper bag nests hidden throughout the room

Water Bin-Plastic fruits and vegetables and scrub brushes in a plastic tote filled with water

Open-Ended Play-Animal puppets and a puppet stage

Flannel Board-Felt barn, animals, and other farm pieces for imaginative play

Baby Corner-Simple puzzles, puppets, and scarves for babies to play

Pig Tail Sorting-Pig backsides cut from different colors of paper, muffin cups, pipe cleaners curled into tails, kid-friendly tweezers for sorting by color

Stick Puppets-Vegetables to plant and animals to move into the barn encouraged children to tell stories and practice narrative skills


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