Thing #18:Jing/screen captures/podcasts

I just tried Screencast-o-matic and it was amazing!  I liked that I didn’t have to install anything and it was easy to use.  I could see myself using this to help my grandma with the computer, to help patrons navigate our new catalog, and to show patrons how to download eBooks.

I have used screen captures many times.  Recently, I did a presentation about free online resources to use at the library.  I was worried the wireless Internet wouldn’t work in the hotel, so I created screen shots of each website for my PowerPoint to refer to if needed.  It’s an effective tool for showing step-by-step instructions on how to do something on the computer.

I have never created a podcast, but I have listened to many using Windows Media Player.  At my old library job, one of the librarians used an iTalk to record Teen Advisory Board members giving booktalks.

These are all great tools to provide interactive instruction to library patrons.


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