Thing #11: Mentoring

I have never had a mentor, other than for specific projects.  For one of my college classes, we had a weekly email exchange with an experienced teacher to ask questions about the profession.  I student taught with a very knowledgeable veteran teacher in Elkhorn.  At the Nebraska Library Leadership Institute I attended last month, we had two mentors assigned to our group.  They were very helpful and forthcoming with advice and information. 

Most of the skills I have come from observing people who do things well and emulating their techniques.  My customer service skills come from time spent hanging around a retail manager.  My child disciplining skills come from the countless teachers I observed during undergraduate field experiences and as a classroom paraprofessional. 

I would like to find a mentor at this point in my career, either formal or informal.  The CPD23 post about mentoring suggested some unique avenues for finding a mentor I had not considered.  The New Members Round Table of the Nebraska Library Association has talked about reviving its mentoring program this fall.  This is something I will volunteer to coordinate, because I think it would be helpful for many.  I am interested to hear how other people have found mentors and their thoughts on the value of being a mentor and/or mentee.


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